Guaranty Bank Remodel

1331 17th Street, Denver, CO

The scope of work for the interior renovation of the Guaranty Bank located in downtown Denver was divided into three phases – the removal and infill of a staircase, the remodel of the first and second floors of the bank, and the mechanical and electrical upgrades for the space.


Project Description

For the stairwell, we removed the existing staircase on the first floor and constructed a new joist deck floor structure, which allowed for increased lobby area in the bank.

The work for the interior remodel involved two phases – the first floor and the second floor. Work on the first floor involved relocating the teller line and creating new office space for private banking. On the second floor, work included creating two small conference rooms and new office space.

The mechanical scope of work included demolition and removal of most of the existing HVAC systems. This involved relocating some existing duct work and installing new duct work along with the installation of 16 new fan power boxes, 34 new VAV boxes, one new transfer air fan, new DDC thermostats/controls, and the addition of sound boots to the new return air grills.
The electrical scope of work included demolition of the existing electrical including duplex telephone/data, switches, and furniture feeds. We then installed all of this back in to new location

s and offices. Finally, we removed almost all of the light fixtures and replaced them with LED downlights.


1331 17th Street, Denver, CO

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Guaranty Bank


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