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CM/GC or CM At Risk

In these options, the owner contracts directly with the architect for design. The contractor assists the owner and architect during the pre-construction and construction phases by providing scope and cost analyses, constructability reviews, and budget estimates. Once the preconstruction phase is over, the contractor manages the construction and post-construction phases.

Competitive Build

Competitive Bid

This is the conventional process where the owner contracts for the design directly. Once the design is complete, the owner puts the project out to bid to several contractors. The contractor submitting the lowest bid is awarded the construction contract. At Roche, we are always ready to put our project costs up against the competition.

Million of CM/GC Projects Since Our Establishment in 1971

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Design-build is a contractual agreement where the contractor provides both design and construction services. This arrangement allows the owner to have a single point of contact from preconstruction to project close-out. Roche embraces the role of being the project leader, and as a design-build expert, we believe that open communication and teamwork are necessary to successfully complete these type of projects.

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Full-Service Development

 This method is a Roche specialty. It is a customized approach based on what you need to make your project happen. We can assist with site selection and acquisition, help you work with the right partners to secure financing, and then enter a design-build contract to construct your facility. 

Master Service Agreement

Master Service Agreements

Master service agreements or on-call construction service contracts allows the owner to enter into a multi-year contract with a contractor to complete common renovation, repair, and new construction projects. This contracting method is a simple way to shorten the standard contract procurement time and reduce procurement costs. Roche is currently working with Aims Community College, UCHealth, and Intel under this method. Past clients include Denver International Airport and the General Services Administration.

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Restoration Services

Through our Restoration Services, we’re able to reinforce the structural and foundational integrity of historic buildings, in effect, “restoring” them to their original glory. This can involve the building of new foundations for added support and even the relocation of a building all to preserve its historical value and integrity.

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Interior Construction, also known as Build-Out Construction, is the process of building out an interior space to the exact needs and specifications of a client’s intended purposes. This process is the combined work of a construction contractor, architect, and interior designer, and can be completed in a newly constructed building or a renovated building.

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Tenant Improvements

Tenant Improvements are much like Interior Construction projects. The main difference is that the interior of a commercial, office, or retail space will be built out to the specifications of the tenant rather than the owner. At Roche, we’re well versed in tenant agreements and are capable of completing the work quickly, efficiently, and to code, transforming any sized space to the needs of the tenant.

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Consulting is a comprehensive service that involves everything from obtaining the necessary permits to matching you with a design team to bring your idea to life. During this process, we work with an expert team of architects, engineers, and project managers to ensure that no part of the project is overlooked. From the initial planning to the execution of each phase, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that we’ll manage the entire process.

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Commercial Construction

Any building being built for commercial purposes is commercial construction. From office buildings to retail stores, warehouses to light industrial facilities, we’re experts in them all. We’ll coordinate the necessary professionals including architects and engineers to ensure a successful project from planning to execution, and deliver a building that meets your specific commercial needs.

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Land Development

We understand the complexities of land development, and we’ll work closely with you from planning through construction. We specialize in a wide range of development services from complex commercial sites to mixed-use developments to campus master plans. Whether retail, office, education, or healthcare, we’ll use our experience and expertise to help minimize costs while meeting your precise needs and specifications.

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Corporate Franchise Construction

Corporate franchise construction plays a vital role in the success of franchise businesses by providing high-quality, consistent, and attractive locations for customers to visit. We offer a comprehensive range of construction services for corporate franchise projects. With a focus on retail franchising, we cater to leading brands like Five Guys, Teriyaki One, Chicken Salad Chick, and R Taco. Regardless of the project type, we have the expertise and experience to complete it efficiently and on time.

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If you are looking for a contractor that is innovative and prides itself on the lasting trust of its clients and its employees, Roche is the right contractor for your project.

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