Adams County Mental Health Unit Renovation

150 N. 19th Avenue, Brighton, CO

Roche renovated an existing vacant dormitory space into a mental health detention unit with 33 beds.



Project Description

The renovated space has secure and non-secure areas. The secure area houses the cells, a dayroom, four inmate showers, and an officer’s station, which is an island in the dayroom that was built on raised access flooring. The secure area is also home to an office, interview rooms, and an exam room. The unit has a full-time psychiatric resident on staff. The non-secure area has an office area and a staff restroom.

At the start of the project, Roche demolished everything in the space down to bare walls and floor. Demolition included CMU pony walls, restroom and shower cores, existing office space, and ceiling and floor coverings. New construction included CMU block walls that are grouted solid and 19 cells. The cells are steel panels that are grouted solid. Two of the cells are padded rooms and two are temporary holding cells while the rest are standard cells. Each cell has a plastic modular bed and toilet/sink combination unit. The door to each cell has two windows – one of top and one on bottom. The doors also have a food-pass slot.

As part of the scope of work, Roche added a new window to a 500-square-foot indoor recreation yard to add daylight to the space.


150 N. 19th Avenue, Brighton, CO

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CM/GC Stipulated Sum


Board of Commissioners of Adams County


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