Weld County North Jail Complex Jail 2 West Expansion

2110 O Street, Greeley, CO

Roche Constructors and its design-build partner Hauser Architects are designing and constructing the fourth phase of development at the Weld County North Jail Complex.


Project Description

The Weld County North Jail Complex, located at 2110 O Street, is currently 219,579 square feet and houses 779 beds plus the associated administrative and support spaces. Roche Constructors was awarded the first phase of the Jail in 1996, completed the maximum-security phase expansion in 2003, and then added another 374 beds to the Jail in 2007.

The design-build Jail 2 West Expansion consists of two phases – a three-story addition that will add 130,296 square feet with 381 beds and a renovation of approximately 18,000 square feet in the existing building. When complete, the complex will be 347,105 square feet and house 1,160 beds.

The addition will be built on a load-bearing spread footing foundation system with a steel frame/composite slab and steel frame/braced joist building frame system. The building is a mirror of the third expansion completed in 2007 with the addition of a third floor. The first floor will be home to single-story cells for temporary inmates. The second floor will be the main area for the housing units, which will be stack cells. The third floor has close watch cells, the master control area, and administration space including open offices and conference rooms.

The second phase of the project is a remodel of the existing kitchen/storage area. Scope of work includes removal and adjustment of walls and doorways, moving dishwashing operations outside of the existing kitchen area, and rearranging and adding kitchen equipment to the current kitchen.


2110 O Street, Greeley, CO

Square Footage

130,296 SF Addition & 18,241 SF Renovation

Site Area

3.5 Acres


Design-Build Stipulated Sum


Weld County, Colorado


Hauser Architects, P.C.