Vestas Windsor Paint Tunnel

11140 Eastman Park Drive, Windsor, CO

The Vestas Paint Tunnel is a new prototype for a fully-robotic paint facility for wind turbine blades.

Light Industrial

Project Description

The tunnel has dedicated facilities, such as the rail and conveyor system and the ventilation components to keep the combustible paint materials in the paint spray area, as well as the de-dusting booth.

The shell of the tunnel is a pre-engineered metal Butler building. A challenging aspect of project was coordinating with the owner’s robotics vendors and tooling vendors to ensure the system was installed correctly and operated as designed. Coordination and tolerances were extremely tight, often times measured in half of a millimeter, which is the width of a pencil line.

After completion of the tunnel building, Roche demolished the existing facility.


11140 Eastman Park Drive, Windsor, CO

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Hard Bid Stipulated Sum


Vestas Blades America (c/o Nolte Assoc.)


Anderson Mason Dale Architects