Noosa Yoghurt Expansion

4120 N. County Road 25E, Bellvue, CO

The scope of work involved a 34,128-square-foot expansion to their existing warehouse, the construction of a new 6,487-square-foot, two-story office building, and the replacement of a tanker bay.

Light Industrial

Project Description

The warehouse expansion is a pre-engineered metal building erected on a load-bearing spread footing foundation system. The expansion is finished out with metal wall panels. The office building is wood-framed structure finished with metal wall panels. Roche Constructors demolished a single-bay, wood-framed tanker bay while maintaining access for the unloading of tankers. In its place, a CMU and steel tanker bay was constructed.

Our scope of work also included the installation of a new snow melt system at the truck dock, the installation of a new water feature next to the existing pond, and site development that included overlot grading, utilities, parking lot paving, site lighting, landscaping, and storm water system.

Noosa Yoghurt is an Australian company that moved to Colorado in 2011 to start producing yoghurt in partnership with Morning Fresh Dairy. Distributed in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, Noosa is now the fastest-growing yogurt brand in the country. All of this is done from their operations in Bellvue.


4120 N. County Road 25E, Bellvue, CO

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Noosa Yoghurt


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