Kum & Go Store No. 0320

250 E. 136th Avenue, Thornton, CO

Kum & Go Store No. 0320 in Thornton, Colorado, is a new ground-up store that included 1.75 acres of land development, a 6,210-square-foot convenience store, and eight fuel pumps.


Project Description

This project is a new prototype store for Kum & Go that incorporates their red wing wall. This feature is a red wall that runs from the exterior of the building through the interior of the building.

The convenience store is a mix of a gas station, coffee shop, five-and-dime store, beer depot, and pre-prepared food stop. The scope of work included the development of a mechanical/electrical room, restrooms, food prep area, walk-in freezers/coolers, café area, sales floor, and a patio area.

A unique part of this project was the site, which sits close to the underground water table. We utilized a dewatering system to install the underground fuel tanks.


250 E. 136th Avenue, Thornton, CO

Square Footage


Site Area

1.75 Acres


Hard Bid Stipulated Sum


Kum & Go


BRR Architecture