Roche Constructors is your Denver construction company fit for all types of commercial construction projects. From school and church buildings to industrial warehouses and commercial properties, Roche Constructors is your expert in them all. In the Denver area, Roche’s expertise is on particular display with one of the most well-known household names – Target.

How a Denver construction company fits in with one of the nation’s most massive discount store chains seems fairly obvious. Because Target is a successful store, more Targets will be built, and when Denver demands more Targets, Target needs a Denver construction company. Simple enough.

As straightforward as it might seem, Target’s Denver history runs deeper than you’d anticipate. It’s because of that deep history that being Target’s chosen Denver construction company is such an honor. Here’s a brief look at how it all began.

In the Beginning, there was Dayton’s

Before there was Target, there was Dayton’s Department Store. Founded in 1902 by the Dayton family, they were a traditional department store that specialized in the high-end lifestyle. Dayton’s was a name known well in the central midwest, but its fame didn’t exceed those boundaries. Enter Target.

It was on May 9, 1961, that the Minneapolis Tribune reported The Dayton Company’s plans. Douglas J. Dayton, the store’s new president, dreamt of a bigger name for their family-run store. This new store would “combine the best of the fashion world with the best of the discount world, a quality store with quality merchandise at discount prices.” (Target) This was big news for 1960’s Minnesota.

These first steps would be transformative, ultimately leading to the birth of one of the nation’s largest discount store chains.

The Sprawling Success of Target Co.

When Mr. Dayton first announced his company’s new experiment he couldn’t have imagined where it would lead them. A discount department store was so unfathomable at the time that no one anticipated what Target would become. The Daytons had created something unique in Target, and as it turns out, it’s exactly what the people wanted.

By the end of ‘62, Target had four locations in Minnesota and they began discussions of a national expansion plan. In 1966 the first two national stores were opened in none other than Denver, Colorado. 

“Not only is the population approximately the same,” said a Target leader at the time of expansion, “but Denver, like Minneapolis, has four distinct seasons to ensure a continuously changing apparel market.” Denver was the obvious next step in Target’s national vision, but Target didn’t stop there.

Fast forward to the year 2000 and Target had outgrown its parent company with more than 400 stores nationwide. As time went on, Target has continued to grow unhindered by even the modern advancements of e-commerce. All of that success has been consistent good news for one Denver construction company.

(Find the full Target history here)

A Denver Construction Company’s Place in the Target Story

As Target’s Denver construction company, Roche Constructors has had the privilege of completing a variety of Target projects in Denver and surrounding areas. In fact, Roche has been working with Target since 1992. Their very first Denver area project was in 1993 – Target T-1951 in Broomfield.

With years of practice, Roche is well versed in all aspects of Denver Target construction – from new construction to remodeling, SuperTargets to mini Targets. Here are a couple of examples of the work Roche Constructors has had the opportunity to complete for Target Co. in the Denver area.

Small-Format Denver Target | T-3403

small target storefront – Denver construction company

Roche Constructors completed the interior finishes for a small-format Target store that is an anchor tenant at Exchange at Boulevard One, a five-acre mixed-use development in Denver’s Lowry neighborhood.

The Target occupies 28,587 square feet at the southwest corner of East 1st Avenue and South Quebec Street. Roche’s scope of work included framing, interior finishes such as polished concrete floor and exposed painted ceiling, installation of the refrigeration system and walk-in cooler freezer, a small section of underground utilities including slab pour back, a CVS pharmacy, office space, a break room area, and a loading area. The building core and shell work was completed by the landlord.

Because this project was built while multiple redevelopment projects were underway on the same site, the project team faced challenges including a constrained job site, delivery coordination, and coordination with the development contractor.

Denver SuperTarget | T-2052

target produce section – Denver construction company

Some of the most rewarding projects are those that result in lasting professional relationships. Roche Constructors completed another renovation project on a SuperTarget they built in 2004 – by 2018, it was time for some interior and exterior updates

The interior scope of work included remodeling the Guest Services area by installing a panelized wall system and hickory wall cladding; modifying the mechanical, fire protection, and electrical systems; reconfiguring the refrigeration system; installing new flooring throughout the store; completing under-slab work (piping) for refrigeration, plumbing, and electrical; and remodeling the restrooms.

Exterior work included power washing the exterior of the building including the glass tower at the main entry; patching the roof; refreshing the landscaping in the planter beds in the front of the store; installing new site furnishings including benches, bike racks, and trash receptacles; and refreshing the exterior paint.

Your Denver Construction Company

The opportunity to complete such a variety of projects for Target has been an honor for us at Roche Constructors. Denver has known Target for decades, and we’re grateful to enable the continued flourishing of that relationship. We look forward to future projects with Target as they continue to evolve and pave new paths forward.

Interested in seeing more of the work Roche Constructors has completed for Target? Click the link below.

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