When it comes to Colorado construction projects, Roche Constructors is a company that you can trust. They specialize in light industrial construction and have years of experience working with companies in a variety of industries. In early 2020, they completed a project with Vantage Hemp in Greeley, Colorado. This company is known for its work in the hemp industry, and Roche was able to help them expand their business by completing an incredible project.

Who is Vantage Hemp

Vantage Hemp is a white-label CBD brand with a robust pharmaceutical experience that works to provide wholesalers and B2C brands with a variety of CBD products of the highest quality. They offer a plethora of services but specialize in the production of CBD oil, isolate, and distillate.

The Greeley Construction Project

The aim of their Greeley construction project was to develop two manufacturing facilities that could process upwards of two tons of high-quality biomass per day and support high-volume distillation to produce quality science-driven extracts. It was no small task, and they needed the best Colorado construction company available.

Enter Roche Constructors

Roche Constructors are known for their aggressive schedules that lead to seamless transitions from construction to occupancy for their clients. From preconstruction to post, Roche seeks to save their clients time and money, while involving them in the project through the whole process. Considering the technical nature and requirements of the Vantage Hemp project, Roche was a clear choice.

The Vantage Hemp Project

While this sort of construction was nothing new for Roche, some time went into envisioning the light industrial building designs. The two buildings needed to work seamlessly together to extract hemp in various stages, while accomplishing two different parts of the process. 

Once completed, the new structures would encompass 61,412 square feet (4 acres) of land, and be valued at $16.9 million. The work was completed under 4 separate contracts – one for each core and shell and a separate contract for each tenant finish.

Vantage Hemp Facility #1

The first of the two facilities was designed to accomplish the initial steps of extracting hemp before being sent to its adjacent sister facility. A 35,100-square-foot CO2 extraction building, its structure was constructed on a load-bearing spread footing foundation system with site-cast concrete tilt-up wall panels. 

The core and shell scope of work (SOW) included wet fire sprinkling, rough electrical, mechanical, and plumbing rough-in.

The tenant finish SOW included a built-out office space, a break room, restrooms, lab space, a decarboxylation room, and a large storage and racking space. On top of that, an ESFR fire suppression system was required at the racking equipment, and a CO2 gas detection system was also installed to ensure the safety of the building.

Vantage Hemp Facility #2

The second 26,312-square-foot facility takes processed hemp from its sister facility and extracts the product further.

In a hydrocarbon room, propane is used to break down the material to further the process of purifying the hemp. Then onto the crystallization room where the introduction of pentane takes the product to its final stage, transforming CBD into a crystallite. The final product is 99.9% pure CBD — ready to be used for pharmaceuticals, home goods, or other various needs.

The building features an interior height of 24 feet, and the facility has four overhead doors on the back of the building. The core and shell scope of work (SOW) included lighting, power distribution systems, mechanical, and plumbing rough-in. The tenant finish SOW included the build-out office space, restrooms, a clean room, and a break room.

Another Completed Light Industrial Construction Project

Roche Constructors stepped up to the challenge and completed both buildings in just under 300 days. Both Vantage Hemp facilities are now operational and have increased their capacity by 400%. This wouldn’t have been possible without Roche’s experience, expertise, and commitment to quality craftsmanship. 

Roche has had a long history of light industrial construction projects, but this was one of the most unique they’ve undertaken. Subject matter experts on industrial building designs, Roche stayed true to their brand, and completed this project under budget and ahead of schedule. Consider Roche Constructors for your next light industrial construction project; they’ll get the job done right.

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