Clark County, Nevada, awarded Roche Constructors the $23.7 million Hollywood Regional Park Site Improvements and Walking Trail in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Located near the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Sahara Avenue, the scope of work includes desert native gardens; open play turf; four dog park areas; a precast/fabricated restroom building; monument and directional signage; and associated roadway and park entry area work including sidewalks, parking for 310 vehicles, and roadway paving.

Roche will also put in 1.26 miles of 10-foot wide concrete trails with four distance demarcations inscribed in the trail at quarter points along the route. Additional amenities on the trail include interpretive signs, mitigation signs, trash receptacles, and pet station bag dispensers.

Work includes eight shade structures, eight picnic tables, eight pickleball courts, and four natural turf soccer fields.

Construction will start in October and is scheduled to last 460 days.

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