The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented disruption to the world and has impacted every business in many different ways. Roche Constructors has been quick to adapt construction operations to meet the health and safety guidelines of our clients.

We have developed a COVID-19 action plan that sets forth standards and protocols for Roche’s projects under pandemic conditions, which is utilized for the protection of employees, subcontractors, vendors, and clients on our projects. Our action plan follows all current recommendations from Federal, State, and local authorities, including CDC and health departments and is continually updated as conditions and/or recommendations change.

Here are some of the protection measures we are taking:

  • Daily wellness checks for all workers, vendors, and visitors at the job site.
  • Six-foot social distancing in all workspaces. When that can’t be maintained for specific tasks, additional precautions such as personal protective equipment and temporary protective barriers are used.
  • Handwash stations, hand sanitizer, and nitrile gloves are located throughout each job site, as available and necessary.
  • Communication signage posted throughout the job site to raise awareness and be a constant reminder.
  • Minimizing the numbers of workers within a certain area of a project.
  • Ensuring routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces.
  • Holding meetings via conference call when possible. If this is not possible, meetings are held with less than 10 socially-distanced attendees.
  • No physical greetings, i.e., handshakes.

Through daily training, supervision, and communication, Roche is committed to keeping our job sites, clients, employees, and vendors safe. If you have any questions, please contact us!


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