RocheSelect is currently working on three projects at the 8th Avenue and 8th Street building in downtown Greeley, Colorado. The “Jerome Building” was originally built in 1965 and was renovated in 1982. This three-story building was the original office of Roche Constructors, Inc.

In May 2018, the Wells family purchased this historical building. Working with Markley Designs, plans were developed to remodel the 17,000-square-foot space on the third floor. Scope of work includes removing all existing walls and finishes and rebuilding the space into 30 offices, four conference rooms, three break areas, and room for over 70 cubical offices. When complete, the third floor will become home to 4X Industrial and 1888 Industrial. Construction is scheduled for completion on February 1, 2019.

The second project is a remodel of the second floor for True Safety. When complete, the 5,300-square-foot space will be home to two training centers, nine offices, and a podcast room. Construction will start January 21, 2019, and completion is scheduled for April 1st.

The third project is a remodel of a 2,300-square-foot space on the first floor for The Local Table restaurant. The remodel includes the addition of a commercial kitchen, guest seating, and a full-service bar. RocheSelect will remove the existing glass wall and relocate it four feet outside the building to expand the space. Design is underway, and construction is scheduled to start April 9, 2019.

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