Project Engineer


Job Description:

  • Maintain orderly documentation of all field purchases
  • Maintain and update a current CPM schedule at the jobsite at the project manager’s direction
  • Coordinate subcontractors’ work schedules at the project superintendent’s direction
  • Schedule equipment and materials at the project superintendent’s direction
  • Ensure timeliness of all submittals and shop drawings
  • Maintain and submit accurate, timely reports and forms as required by the corporate and regional offices and specific to the project
  • Accurately and continuously update the master drawing set
  • Analyze construction documents and drawings and forecast any possible field problems; recognize discrepancies between construction documents and field conditions; and communicate interpreted information to the architect, project superintendent, and project manager
  • Review submittals and shop drawings for compliance with contract documents
  • Write RFI’s as directed by the project superintendent
  • Participate in all meetings on-site including pre-trade, subcontractor, and OAC meetings


Job Requirements:


  • Understand fundamental business activities and procedures
  • Basic knowledge of the construction industry
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, plus demonstrated ability to manage a team of varied disciplines
  • Advanced knowledge of construction engineering technology, codes, standards, etc., plus an in-depth understanding of the interdependence and relationship between other functional units required
  • Four-year construction management/engineering degree or equivalent technical training and related experience

Position Details

Location: Colorado

Contact: Human Resources