Roche Constructors was the low bidder for an 11,230-square-foot addition to the Northern Colorado Regional Forensics Laboratory in Greeley, Colorado.

Roche built the existing 20,000-square-foot lab for Weld County in 2013.

The addition will be built on the west end of the facility and will consist of two building types — a 2,530-square-foot CMU portion and an 8,700-square-foot pre-engineered building. The building will primarily be used as an evidence intake, examination, storage, and support facility. The intake portion of the building will have two garage areas and a receiving and packaging area. The examination area of the building will consist of a lab and a cataloging and examination room. The storage area will have two vaults, and the support area will include an office and cubicles. Additional parking and drive aisles will also be constructed as part of this project.

The project will start in early April and will be finished by the end of October.





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