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Sustainability Plan

Roche is dedicated to continually improving our environmental and social sustainability performance. We seek to understand the effects our activities have on the environment and strive to improve our practices from our use of office supplies to rethinking how we dispose of construction waste. Below are some of our internal efforts toward sustainability.

  • For all projects, an average of 50% of construction and demolition debris is diverted for recycling and reuse.

  • Our projects successfully manage issues such as dust, noise, run-off, light pollution, storm water and erosion hazards, and conservation of natural habitat.

  • Roche has a comprehensive program for recycling paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum in all offices.

  • We recycle high-tech products, which include old computers, mobile phones, and other electronics.

  • We utilize an eco-friendly cleaning service that uses biodegradable and environmentally-friendly cleaning products and techniques.

  • Our use of teleconferencing allows online viewing for meetings, which decreases air travel.

  • We have an employee wellness program that offers an in-house workout weight room to minimize trips to the gym and improves employee health and well-being.

  • Our company has made significant strides to be more sustainable and improve the environment. Even the company’s fleet of vehicles is becoming more sustainable. Fuel economy has long been a primary criterion in selecting vehicles for company use.

  • Roche is a corporate member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) who developed the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system, and we encourage our employees to be active in USGBC local chapters. Staff members are currently working as board members for the local USGBC chapter. Roche currently has 12 LEED Accredited Professionals.

We know that our industry’s profligate use of resources cannot continue. Roche’s commitment to sustainability is company-wide. From our corporate office, to our regional offices, to our jobsites, Roche makes sustainable internal practices a top priority. In addition to our recycling materials, reducing waste, lowering energy consumption, and improving operating efficiencies, we strive to foster a company-wide culture of environmental responsibility and awareness through education, incentives, and event sponsorship. Roche is dedicated to improving the environment and is a building partner that shares your community’s sustainability goals.

our business plan will continue to focus on mitigating our own impacts and adapting our products and services to make them more environmentally-friendly. Although our business operations have taken huge strides forward in our goals, we recognize that significant opportunities exist in construction to improve waste management and resource efficiency. 


Specifically, we will focus on:

  • Our use of energy and water

  • Our carbon footprint

  • Material and waste reduction

In order to drive continual improvement, we will monitor and soon start to measure and report our impacts on the environment. We will always comply with environmental legislation and regulation as a minimum, but sustainability is beyond compliance for Roche as we strive to be a leader in environmental performance.



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