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Roche's sustainability effort is led by Kelly Nunez, our Sustainability Manager, who has the responsibility for ensuring ongoing environmental performance, identification of environmental risks, recording and monitoring of impacts, and implementing environmental and social sustainability measures. She is responsible for leading our sustainable efforts already in place and will coordinate our efforts moving forward. From helping our operation personnel become LEED Accredited Professionals to making sure each office has a recycling bin, the sustainability manager collaborates with each office and all departments to maximize our sustainable efforts.

Roche encourages our employees to gain all the green knowledge that they can. Currently, we have 10 LEED Accredited Professionals and one LEED Green Associate on staff including members of our executive staff, project management team, estimating team, and field team.


“Developing the Roche sustainability program has been a very gratifying experience. It's allowed me to help Roche maximize their sustainable efforts, provide education opportunities for the employees, and has helped me personally grow in sustainable practices. With their support, I have made a difference in our community by becoming an active leader of the Education and Events Committee for the Northern Colorado branch of USGBC.”

— Kelly Nunez, Sustainability Manager

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